Attention all Local Marketing Agency Owners...
Have Customers Walking Through Your Client's Doors Today
Setup Proven New Customer Funnels for Your Agency Clients in 10 Minutes Flat using a brand-new funnel building software called LeadKit!
Setting Up Funnels for Your Clients is Not Only Time Consuming, but it Can be a Giant Mess...
There are so many places for things to "break".
It usually takes days to build the funnel pages, set up the email automations, configure call tracking, and test to make sure there are no integration issues.
The setup process alone severely decreases the amount of time you have to focus on what matters most...
That's why we created LeadKit.

To have a proven funnel system that is dead simple to set up and ultra effective for driving leads to local business clients.
Inside LeadKit You'll Find
  • Proven Funnels: We test each funnel extensively to make sure it works before putting it into LeadKit.
  • Dead Simple Set Up: You don't have to waste your time configuring. 10 minutes is all it takes to get your funnel up and running (and usually it takes less than that).
  •  Sophisticated Tracking: LeadKit automatically creates a phone number and tracks all calls to your client. We also track all opt-ins so you never lose a lead. 
  •  Whisper Messages: When a lead calls your client, they are reminded that YOU brought them this new lead.
  •  Multiple Clients: Each client you have has their own funnels and dashboard so you can easily build multiple funnels for testing.
  •   Even More Tracking: Add your tracking pixels and analytics code in one place per business and it will be there for all your funnels.
  •  Custom Domains: This is vital to bringing your ad costs down and ensuring your client's brand is visible.
  •   New Funnels: We regularly test and add new funnels for all kinds of local businesses.
Your Investment is $97 per month. This includes 10 Client/Business Accounts and Unlimited Campaigns.
What Kinds of Businesses Does Leadkit Have Proven Funnels For? 
Hair Salons
Fitness Centers
Plastic Surgeons
And MORE! We Add New Tested Funnels Regularly...

Can I Make LeadKit Work for my Agency Even If I'm Not Super Tech Savvy?
Yes... Leadkit as Designed to be Simple to Use and Completely Done For You. 
You an Set Everything up For Your Business in 5 Steps.
Step 1: Tell LeadKit About the Client's Business
When you first sign up for LeadKit, you are asked to fill out a short profile on the business you want to run funnels for. The entire setup process takes less than 10 minutes! In addition, each funnel has access to a custom domain or you can connect your own!
Step 2: Enter Your Payment Info
The pricing for LeadKit is unbeatable. You can setup unlimited campaigns per business profile for 10 businesses for ONLY $97 per month AND you can cancel at any time! After 10 businesses, each additional business is $20 per month.
Step 3: Choose a Proven Sales Funnel
Each done-for-you funnel contains a high converting landing page, thank you page, follow-up email sequence, text message confirmation and call tracking. You don't have to come up with copy, images, OR worry about setting it up.
Step 4: Connect to Your Facebook Ad
Connecting these funnels to your Facebook ads is a breeze. Once a campaign is setup, simply grab the URL for that funnel and plug it into your ad builder.
Step 5: Wait for New Customers 
LeadKit funnels are ready to use immediately after setting up a new business profile. Once they are connected to your ad, you can sit back and watch new customers come into your business.
What People Are Saying About these Funnels...

Richard Matthews

We are up to 96 new patients leads for our various dental clients over the last 30 days. Little more than a lead a day for each of them.

Drew Griffin

Local Restaurant JDO client getting calls and opt-ins for their Birthday BOGO Offer and they are thrilled! Not too bad for $5.00 ad per day investment.

Kenny Gregg

Love it when you get notification that someone called to book their appointment with your new gym client and the ad has just started with $5 buck ad spend and the ad just started 30 hours ago.
Frequently Asked Questions About LeadKit
Is LeadKit international?
Right now, LeadKit's funnels work in the United States only. However, you can use LeadKit for your US clients even if you are not in the US. We will be working to add new countries for the funnels soon!
Can I see how complicated it is to setup a business in LeadKit?
Yes! CLICK HERE to watch our LeadKit setup tutorials.
What happens when a Lead fills out the form on LeadKit to claim the offer?
Several things!
  • LeadKit saves their information.
  •  The Lead is shown the Thank You page with a countdown encouraging them to call within 24 hours for a bonus offer.
  •  LeadKit immediately sends the Lead a text message with your custom tracking number for the business.
  • LeadKit immediately sends the Lead an email message with your custom tracking number for the business letting them know how to claim the offer.
  • After 24 hours, LeadKit sends the Lead a reminder email message with your custom tracking number for the business reminding the Lead to claim the offer quickly.
What happens when a Lead calls the business?
It may seem like a simple call but lots is going on behind the scenes!
  • LeadKit intercepts the call and logs it in our database
  •  LeadKit calls the business using the phone number set up in the business profile
  • LeadKit lets the business know they've received a new lead from your business with a whisper: "Connecting you to a new client from YOUR BUSINESS NAME"
  •  LeadKit connects the caller to the business
Don't worry, this all happens very quickly so your Lead isn't listening to a ringing phone for long.
Is LeadKit mobile ready?
Of course! All your landing pages will look beautiful on any mobile device. We do suggest that you edit your links and profile in a full browser window as the window space is limited on mobile.
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